The Santa Monica Outdoor Fitness Coalition Takes Stand

On March 12, the Santa Monica City Council will vote on a proposal to charge outdoor fitness trainers up to 15% of their annual revenues for use of public parks.

The Santa Monica Outdoor Fitness Coalition is proposing a series of alternate recommendations that represent win-win solutions for the city, small business owners and residents who use public parks.

Coalition recommendations include an option for fitness-related community service in lieu of the 15% use fee, formation of an Outdoor Health & Fitness Advisory Committee to the Santa Monica Recreation and Parks Commission, and deferment of the recommendation to limit fitness class size in Palisades Park until the newly formed Outdoor Health & Fitness Advisory Council can provide meaningful recommendations to the City Council on specific regulations unique to Palisades Park.

Outdoor fitness classes generate revenue for the city in the form of businesses taxes, as well as the multiplier effect of having their clients pay for parking, buy meals before or after their session, fill up their cars and drop off their dry cleaning in the local area. Fitness trainers being in city parks also provide security and presence. Finally, they encourage and facilitate the healthy lifestyle so important to Santa Monica residents.

If you support the efforts of the Santa Monica Outdoor Fitness Coalition please sign our petition by clicking HERE.

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