I absolutely LOVE HYPE Performance! Starting this program, I was glad to find that this wasn’t one of those “yell at you until you feel bad about yourself” type of boot camps — instead, Ruben and the other trainers are very encouraging and always positive. The classes have people of all different degrees of physical fitness, and the workouts definitely push you whether you are already in shape or not. Personally I have noticed a dramatic increase in my endurance since starting the program 6 weeks ago, and a definite overall toning in my arms, legs, and abs. The workouts are both fun and challenging, producing results without making me feel like I’ve been hit by a truck afterward. This is a program that I have become completely addicted to and will definitely stick with!

Lauren M.

“After the birth of my second child I was looking for something that would improve my energy level while helping me to get back into pre-pregnancy shape. Boxing with Ruben has done that for me. With each week of training, I’ve gotten stronger and my endurance has increased significantly. Boxing has also helped my enthusiasm for a regular workout routine. It is not only empowering but fun too. As a teacher Ruben is patient, dedicated and intense. Once you start these challenging workouts you’ll keep coming back for more.”

Shana G.

“I’ve been working with Ruben for over a year now, and he’s one of the best trainers I’ve seen. He’s extremely committed, attentive, and focused 100% on each workout. I like his focus on core strength, and he’ll get you to work comfortably outside your comfort zone, mixing things like boxing with weight training and endurance workouts. Highly recommended.”

Jason K.

“I have participated in numerous boot camps throughout the LA area, and I can confidently say that HYPE Performance has been the best. The instructors are very hands-on and encouraging and the workouts incorporate a perfect mix of cardio and strength training. If you stick with the program, I am confident you can obtain the results you want. I would highly recommend HYPE Performance to anyone looking for a challenging yet fun new workout routine.”

Allison H.

“When I first started with Ruben my plan was to train with him for 8 sessions. A year and half later I’m still training with him twice a week with no end in sight. Since I started training with Ruben I’ve lost almost 40 pounds, went from a size 10-12 to a 4 and have never felt stronger or healthier in my life. I could not have done it without him. I’ve worked out with many trainers over the years and after a few sessions I’m usually disappointed, bored, or injured. Ruben listens to what your goals are and pushes you to reach them and he is so careful to ensure that he progresses you at a pace that your body can handle so that you don’t end up injured. He really keeps things fun with his enthusiasm for fitness and doesn’t let you get in a training rut. He is an all around athlete and he encourages you to try new things so that you you don’t lose interest. From weight training to boxing to boot camps and everything in between, he keeps you motivated and he and his staff keep things fun. And he realizes that most of his clients like to go out and have fun or eat bad from time to time and he doesn’t judge you or make you feel guilty. Although he has been known to make you work a little harder to make up for it!”

Wendy C.

“I have found HYPE Performance‘s boot camp to be the easiest workout program to stick with. Ruben and the other trainers are all knowledgeable and nice, keeping the workouts difficult but always fun. Every day of the week is different and every week challenges me more. Because of this, the personal attention from the trainers, and the camaraderie with the other trainees, I quickly found myself addicted to going to every class. Because of the commitment to a workout schedule, and the unique activities focusing on different areas, I have seen the benefits in my strength, weight, and health. I would recommend this program to anyone, in or out of shape; Ruben and his team will challenge you and you will see the hard work pay off.”

Beth P.

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